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Are You Wigglin?

by Gravy Train!!!!

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Gravy Train!!!! have been around since 2001, but it wasn’t till recently that they learned about W-I-G-G-L-I-N. “Are You Wigglin?” is the follow up to 2003’s cult classic “Hello Doctor”, a record entirely about food and sex. For this album, they ditched their former “chipmunk rap” sound and moved on to a sound that is a mix of bubblegum, punk, rock n roll, comedy, new wave and pure pop. Not only have they added guitar, they’ve also added bass, maracas, Vibraslap and even live drums on some tracks. They’ve traded in keyboards for Leslie, Hammond and Gibson organs and ditched tinny drum tracks for drum beats so trashy they make the “Night at the Roxbury” soundtrack look like Beethoven. Their influences include B-52s, Quintron & Miss Pussycat,Toni Basil, Blowfly and Gary Glitter.

Controversial topics on this album include the death of a man obsessed with sunless tanning (“Darque Tan”), going on a diet and losing your boobs (“Ghost Boobs”), doing it with someone half your age (“Hump Lites”), and sending your loved one naked pictures of yourself while on tour (“Nudies From the Road”) . Thrill to the use of the word “beaver” in over half the songs! They also cover “I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid of You” by legendary bay area punk group Psycotic Pineapple and turn it into a dance floor hit! This record is their first proper “studio album” and was produced at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco.

To help out with the album, they brought in rock veterans Terry Six (Nice Boys/Exploding Hearts) for added monster guitar riffs and Layla Laducci (Top Ten/The Knock Ups) for live glitter drums on “Gotta Get Outta Batwiddicals”. People at their record label Kill Rock Stars get very excited when they hear this song and are brought back to their childhoods listening to the Bay City Rollers.

Gravy Train!!!! consists of hot babes Chunx (singer, maracas) and Funx (organ, dance moves) and gay wads Hunx (organs, guitar , dancing, some singing) and recent addition Junx (guitar and dance moves.) Recently Le Tigre has taken them on a US tour and a Europe tour. Teenagers everywhere love them already but with “Are You Wigglin?”, maybe a couple of adults will get into it too.


released July 12, 2005



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Gravy Train!!!! Oakland, California

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Track Name: Johnny Makeup
Toot toot! And a beep beep!
You're a coal miner's daughter who turned to the street
And with a toot toot! And a beep beep! You snorted two hot loads off of the bar seat
In Hello Kitty couture, always the man du jour I don't know what that means but I'm sure it ain't a bore
Tilly McEloise said she wants to take you to bed Ambush Makeover really gave you Hollywood cred
(one two)
Hey Jonny you're so fine, you're so fine you blow my mind hey Jonny, Hey Jonny!!!!
Toot toot! And a beep beep!
A Dolly Parton tattoo, I talk to you in your sleep
It sounds like toot toot! And a beep beep!
It's like Easter in your pants and everyone wants a Peep
Ya little label slut, you make the tabloids nuts But if they only knew you couldn't rape a donut
Kiehl's gift bag, what fancy schmancy schwag
But it's that Broadway voice that really makes me gag yeah
I'm really really goin' through it
so when are we gonna do it
I grew out all my pubes trying to look like a dude
in hopes that you'd someday screw it
I'm reading out like I'm Levar Burton but that's only 'cause I'm really hurtin'
Beyonce of V.I.P. I wanna be your wifey
'cause when you're flirtin' Gravy Train!!!! is squirtin'!!!!
I'm living! I'm gagging!
You're screening! I'm reading!
Track Name: Darque Tan
His life was a breeze Just one thing left to appease Wanna give that bottle a squeeze and look just like Charlize? But these times are so hard Must do more than lay in the yard To look like a Belize postcard or a reality star But this story's tragic You don't turn orange by magic You could do it solar like Rick or stick your ass in a thick tank full of darque waves cuz it's the latest craze Do it for forty days, get accused of wearing blackface -oh! DARQUE TAN, HE'S A FAN! DARQUE TAN, NO MORE WAN!! DARQUE TAN, IT'S HIS PLAN!!! DARQUE TAN, CHILDREN RAN!!!! I knew it was a bad idea when he got into that bed I never knew it would come to this 'til he looked at me and said I wanna get a tan! Uh-uh!! I wanna get a tan!! Bad idea!!! I wanna get a tan!!! I don't think so!!!! I wanna get a tan!!!! TOO SCARY!!!! [Repeat chorus] And now he's dead, I'll never see him again He turned orange, and then red No one wins in the end Then he died, his face was fried in the booth all that's left is a tooth He turned red, and then he turned dead Listen and learn...or you, too, will be burned.
Track Name: Stop The Wedding
A-well I met this guy sometime last May I heard he was hung and a machine gun lay But I musta been drunk, I musta been busy Musta been watchin tapes of old MacGuyver or Richard Bey IF ANYONE OBJECTS TO THIS MATRIMONY YOU BETTER BAG THE BAD TUX AND JUST RIDE MY PONY AND ALL YOU BAD FUCKS OUT THERE DON'T YOU TRY TO BONE ME I ONLY WANTED A PIECE OF THAT FRIED BALONEY-ONEY FIRST I DID SOME JUMPING JACKS AND I SAW IT IN HIS PANTS HE SAID DAMN I LIKE YOUR RACK -- I MEAN, YOU CAN REALLY DANCE!!!! BY THE TIME I GOT TO THE RUNNING MAN I THOUGHT THAT HE MIGHT BE GETTING SOFT THEN HE PICKED UP THE PHONE AND SAID HEY! THE WEDDING'S OFF!!! And so that guy I had just met last May He saw my cameltoe then canceled the wedding day In a leotard made of the finest gold lame At his bachelor party guess who popped right outta the cake? [Repeat chorus]
Track Name: I Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Wanna Get Rid Of You
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.
I met her at a party and thought she was kinda nice (HEY!)
I asked her to the movies and I started to think twice (HEY!)
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.

I said you my baby
You must be a first
You wont eat my sniz, ha
When I'm on the RAAAGG!
I said you my baby
I'm havin a SPAZM!
When I wrote that shizt
You posted unn

I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.

I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.
I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you.

I wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get
Wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get
Wanna wanna wanna wanna wanna wannna wanna get rid of you
Track Name: Bloopies (Skit)

hello bloopies
BLOOPY! what happened last night?
how far'd ya get?
did ya fuck him?

i was feeling kind of greeen
then uh we moved our pants

uh huh
and then well
well what?
one thing led to another and we decided to execute a piiiigggie!
Track Name: (Everybody Do) The Thingy
And I was feelin kinda gdeen so I took off my pants and I did the thingy [repeat] Had a funny feeling your dong was quite appealing so down came my pants Reached into my beaver and made you a believer in the latest forbidden dance I saw him in a magazine I wanted to rip off his clothes and tell him something First you stick it in then you wiggle about Follow my steps I'm gonna turn yins out When I wanna screw I put on something blue from 1979 When I'm feeling gdeen there's only one thing that can turn me on more Feel the power, jump in the shower I'm gonna fuck you in outer space Can you believe how gdeen this is We can do it all over the place Feelin kinda gdeen so I took off my pants and I did the thingy [repeat] C'mon everybody, DO THE THINGY!!!! SO GDEEN!!! MY PANTS!!!! A dooey dooey doo yeah-ha-ha...
Track Name: Ghost Boobs
Gazoyngas aplenty Back pains she had many For such knockers hooters funbags boys were not even ready She could hold your beer Without hands she could steer Smack a grown man in the face so hard he'd shed a few tears cuz they were GHOST BOOBS OOH YOU HARDLY KNEW ME GHOST BOOBS OOH WE HARDLY KNEW YE [repeat] It was a fad diet, she had to try it Chrissy Snow looked pretty hot so Thighmaster just buy it A paid membership at the bulldyke gym cuz her boyfriend likes Sue Powter so why not impress him? What she didn't foresee is that her twiddles would flee Her thighs and gut both stayed the same but now she could see her knees Her boyfriend did weep, he thought her twiddles would keep but they didn't know that they would come back in her sleep cuz they were [Repeat chorus] I thought I was fat so I went on a diet If I knew they'd split I would never have tried it
Track Name: Hump Lites
Well I wanna get in the whole worlds pants and when my beavers hungry preemies ain't got a chance I turn it out in granny glasses and hotpants and my digs are decked out for statutory romance WITH HIM EVERY NITE I WANNA ROCK OUT WITH HIM EVERY NIGHT I WANNA ROCK OUT WITH HIM EVERY NITE UNDER THE HUMP LITES OH YEAH HUMP LITES OH YEAH etc. Well they call me your grandma cuz I'm two-hundred-and six but I got a lollipop you know you wanna lick I'll bounce up and down on the preemie trampoline and shake my pom-poms cuz I'm Chunky Superteen [Repeat chorus] Cuz I am your grandma She is your grandma!!! x8
Track Name: Pussy Sauce
Your pussy sauce baby tastes so good, oh yeah! Your pussy sauce baby tastes so bad, oh no!!! Your pussy sauce baby tastes all right, ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Track Name: Nudies From The Road
You're so far oh but here we are down at Cracker Barrel or in Londonderry Like the Simple Life the country ain't my type but I learned to like it cuz I'm a star [she's a star!] You like Mambas well I got a combo of horny boobs ooh and shitlegs too I been around the world but you're my favorite girl and I'm takin you to Niagara Falls -- whoo!!!! I'LL SEND YOU NUDIES FROM THE ROAD AND YOU'RE GONNA BLOW YOUR LOAD x2 I'm on tour and I got a cold sore but I want you to be here in person to see er The next best thing is to get chicken wings and lay em on my naked bawdaymm [b-babaaam] Gotta get over gay boys seein my beaver It's like fuckin a bear and bein worried bout hair I got a polaroid, you wanna see my roids? I'll even let you show all your friends [my friends] [Repeat chorus] What kinda poses do you wanna see on me -- spread eagz? I said what kinda beavies do you wanna see on me -- seventies?? Why oh why you givin me the eye Did you happen to see nakey pix of me on the internet? How stupid can I get? Well -- just enough to show you my labes!! [ Repeat first verse]
Track Name: Gotta Get Outta Batwiddicals
We've been here too long, trying to get along Pretending that you did not blow But you did us wrong So we wrote this song Your business must be going slow in maternity pants a girl can hardly dance Junx was easy as 1-2-3 We traveled round the globe in Hugh Hefner robes While you were watching Court TV WE JUST GOTTA GET OUT WE JUST GOTTA GET OUTTA BATWIDDICALS BABY [repeat] There's more to life than Twiddies livin in the city There wasn't much room in there We didn't mean to hurt you But you lost your virtue That look is just Hunxes hair stare You lost all your luster Give Funx her Dustbuster She needs to vacuum her new place You haven't given it back yet cuz you're a wacko crackhead I'll punch ya square in the face!! [Repeat chorus]